Sights of Feeling
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YMX: Migration, Land, and Loss After Mirabel - Cheryl Sim (2017)
Cultured Waters (Workshop)
Conservation piece for catastrophe
Six Tales of Peace (and War)
Influenc(Ed.) Machines
Tel Quel/As Is: Recent Acquisitions from the Montreal Signs Project
Whimsical Bodies: Agency and Playfulness in Robotic Art
Lively Objects
#trending: mobilizing art and culture
 A small selection of work from a series of paintings that have been in development since 2012. Through explorations of colour and form this body of work calls to a rethinking of 'landscapes' that suggests we look outside of the traditional and find new ways to quantify and understand landscapes, their boundaries and what we might consider land outside of normative conceptions. Can the body be a landscape, how and for whom? Where do boundaries lie, how can we break them productively and equitably? For what and whom are landscapes marked and consumed?